Canoe- Orientation

The lake Vasetvannet is perfect for canoeing. The feeling when the canoe floats in the quite water, and the only sounds comes from the paddle ears 

pushing the canoe forward, is incredible. Maybe there is a trout jumping in the water next to you. Or a duch swimming on the side of the canoe when you are paddling through the reed.


On this activity we will learn basic techniques on how to paddle. We will also have a fun exercise at the end, where you all will get a map, and go on a hunt for posts hidden on the lake. Here is each canoeing team obligated to work together and cooperate.


There will be and instructure with you to make sure the safety is taken care of, at all time. 


The meet point is at Brennabu. 

Here you will get the paddle ears and the lifejackets. Before we do the short walk down to the lake. 


Duration: 2-3 hours


Good to know: 

-Pack everything waterproof. 

-Look at the weather forcast for clothing. Remember, the weather can changes quicly on the mountain and it can be abit cold to sit still in a canoe. So wool clothing is recomended.

-Bring a dry shift


Additional Information

Kode til nøkkelboks: 1234


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